apple_iphone.jpgAlso ich finde das iPhone und den iPod ja eigentlich schon ziemlich cool. Letzteres vor kurzem live und in farbe und action gesehen – cool ! hat was !
War dann aber doch über eine Diskussion unter Arbeitskollegen über bestimme Probleme/Nachteile erstaunt – hier eine Zusammenfassung der Problematik von einem (offensichtlich) hardcore iPhone kritiker …
(any comments von den entsprechenden produktmanagern unter uns ? …)



Why the iPhone SUCKS

 Can’t use the GPS like a GPS.
Forget about getting turn-by-turn voice directions in your car from the new iPhone 3G. The iPhone SDK makes it pretty clear it’s not allowed, “Applications may not be designed or marketed for real time guidance.” Yes it will superimpose your position on a Google map, or show you the closest pizzeria but what about getting real-time route guidance? If you
read reviews for other GPS devices you never come across a GPS that doesn’t provide some form of guidance. There’s a rumor that TomTom may be developing a guidance application but you have to wonder how they’ll get it past the Apple police.

Can’t tether the iPhone to your laptop.

Want to save sixty dollars per month for a 3G card for your laptop and use the iPhone instead? Not going to happen—not allowed. Although there are plenty of phones, including AT&T’s Tilt, that will allow you to use your 3G phone as a high speed modem for your laptop, the iPhone won’t be one of them so you can add the cost of a 3G card for your laptop at $720 a year to your total cost of ownership.

Still no cut and paste.
Cut and paste has been around on Apple
computers since the earliest Mac Plus computers. What’s the big problem with implementing it on iPhones? Why is cut and paste so important? Suppose you’re browsing a web site and want to capture some text or a URL, or someone sent you an email and you want to grab some text from it and send to someone else. Not possible on an iPhone. Speaking of email, where’s the spell checker? Predictive typing is fine but spell checkers are everywhere else but here.

Wimpy 2 MP camera.
In the world of 5 MP Smartphones and 10 MP point and shoot cameras that you can buy for
under $200, why is the iPhone still stuck with a measly 2 MP? That’s so 2003. While we’re at it how come we can’t record video, afraid the non-existent SD card might fill up? The iPhone should be able to stream video by now just like many other cell phones can already do right now.

No stereo Bluetooth.
We thought the iPhone was supposed to be part iPod. At least they fixed the recessed headphone jack flaw (and called it a new feature) but the A2DP stereo
Bluetooth standard has been around for a while and is missing from the iPhone.
A complete waste of Bluetooth.
You still can’t send your documents, media and other files over Bluetooth to other phones. You cant sync your files over Bluetooth. Add to that, the absence of A2DP. Apple expects you to use
Bluetooth just for super cool & exciting tasks like talking on the iPhone using a Bluetooth headset.

The list goes on.

No Flash support.
The Safari browser on the iPhone still doesn’t support Flash animations or videos. As a majority of the videos on the internet are in Flash, this means that iPhone users will miss out on a lot of content.  still no native voice dialing, no mobile TV, no replaceable battery, no flash
memory card, and on and on.

No Multitasking.
With all that powerful hardware packed under that sleek body, OS X limitations still dont allow a decent Multitasking experience. Apple expects that all iPhone users are noobs who just like to run one
application at a time. Great going, Apple!

No Digital TV (DVB-H) like N96

You can’t send Multimedia messages through the iPhone just for the simple reason that Mr.Jobs thinks that no one should use MMS any more. So what if it is an extremely popular feature for media sharing and every 3rd person on Earth would like to use it. However this reason doesn’t hold out much anymore because email is becoming increasingly popular for file sharing on mobile phones. But having MMS wouldn’t have hurt, surely

Bonus reason :
The iPhone 3G just adds more to the already overflowing pool of overzealous, annoying and idiot fanboys. They want you to believe that the iPhone is the best phone ever and if you point out the list of features where it lacks, they just say that those features simply suck and no one wants them anymore. All iPhone features become super cool for them, even if they have been implemented by a gazillion other phones ages ago.

Adding to the above reasons, the battery of the 3G iPhone cannot be removed. You dont get the dock bundled with the phone anymore, you have to buy it separately for $30. It does not have FM radio.


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  1. herminatore sagt:

    also ich wollte nur mal zum besten geben dass wir mittlerweile IPOD TOUCH besitzer sind und eins muss ich ganz klar zugeben: das ding ist einfach GEIL.

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